Production Work - Part One of Three - Coke Olympics

Shed has kindly agreed to let me share on my blog some production work I've done.  Freckles' nice comments triggered this idea that I should shared storyboards here. So since I love everything about Storytelling in animation, I figured I could show you parts of what I have done at work. We really cherish those projects at work and we are really proud of them. Hoping you'll enjoy.

Part One

In 2010 we worked on this ad for the Olympics games. I was involved in this project as an animator and preproduction  artist. I animated all of the second part of the spot from the shot where the bear rise the torch in the water reflection till the very end. PH the lead animator did all the stunning animation before.


So these are the last version of Story art we edited...


I also did a poster illustration back then. Here's the progression for this art.


  1. Yes! awesome stuff. Your boards are great. how long does the story process take for commercial stuff?

  2. Hi Nate! I usually have deadlines that fall between 2 days up to 3 weeks depending on the project needs. In that length I will reboard up to 11 versions or so. I feel really fortunate when I work on stories, cause not all the projects we work on will have storyboards.

  3. Beautiful work (i am not surprised)! Thanks for the shout out!! I really love how you incorporated the moon in the poster design. Just awesome!!