I am sharing a storyboard proposition I did at work for a television show opening a while back. Here are the explanations along the boards an effort to make it comprehensive. This was a house renovation show.

 Both guest are ready to enter the house. The Man
step forward to start the renovations
 The host pops out of the tool box and with her wand
switches the man's role... 
...he magically appears in a shopping isle. Confused!
But his partner comes in to solve his shopping 
 ...the host pops out of the vase and with her wand
switches the woman's role... 
 she is assigned to the manual renovation...Scared!
The husband stands behind the window helpless.
 The co-host "handyman" comes in to reassure the 
Plugs the electric saw... 
 All goes wrong, the lady splits the screen in half...
 and reveal the host and co-host then fade to the 
show's Logo


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