Gesture class review!

Last weekend I traveled to Toronto to attend the Alex Woo and Louis 
Gonzales class presented by Bobby Chiu's Schoolism Live...

Louis Gonzales and Alex Woo

As you know I've also taken Alex Woo gesture class with Schoolism Online which 
I'm once again stressing you to take :) Do read my blog and you will notice how 
much I found the lessons inspiring:D

The live Class was beyond expectations and both teachers were very generous of
their time and care to comment on my gestures.When the class was over I had 
my brain swelling from all the knowledge that I received... So much that I lost my 
English to talk to people after the event!

The live class was as good and as insigthful as the online class. Moreover, these 
gesture classes help me better  understand and structure gesture drawing for 
animation.  It gave me a whole new perspective of these Walt Stanchfield notes 
I read so often. 

Schoolism really set up a great event, the place was great, not too much person
 attending so you have time to get real feedback from the teachers and the cost 
was really afordable. Will be waiting for more classes like that ... Maybe in 
Montreal... That would be super cool :)

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