New Skateboard ART

Been busy a lot lately, I was mostly working on these designs that I'm glad to share 
here on my blog.Those are  unique edition skateboard decks I did for the very kind 
Nicolas Monette (Director) and below a picture taken by him of his display. 
Thanks Nicolas!!!

Original Decks


  1. Fantastic work, Ben! I'd be EXTREMELY cautious about skating with these! :D

  2. Benoit, great design work man.

    My company takes designs like yours and prints them on boards in high definition graphics. We recently started selling online and are looking for some original designs that we can launch online in our skateboard art section. If we can get a deal, your custom skateboards could be arriving on peoples door steps soon.

    Let me know your thoughts.


  3. my best email is jrivas@sosmarketing.cc