Film studies

This week  we studied DOP's compositions and I drew story panels from film 
shots in my course. I've done this before (when I took Mattew Luhn class) but 
I've just began understanding it's true value. Steven's class is awesome so far 
and I am learning lots from it even if I claim being professional:)


  1. Hey Benoit, Nice studies, beautiful drawings on your blog. Just curious; Steven's class, is that Steven Macleod's class on CGMA2dacademy? If it is, good to hear that you like it, that means I'm definitely going to sign up June 17 for his next class, if he's doing another one after this one ends. Cheese! Dirk.

  2. Thanks Dirk! Yes it's Steven Macleod's class at CGMA and yes definitely register for next class:D Also, CGMA Workshop are awesome too- Check out the Louie Del Carmen one if you haven't!

  3. Hey Benoit. Thanks for the CGMA Workshop tip, definitely going to check out Louie's Workshop! Thanks!