Schoolism Live Montreal

Dice, Robert and Nathan

Back in 2012, I traveled to Toronto to attend Alex Woo and Louis Gonzales 
Schoolism Live workshop. I remember being so inspired by the event that 
I wrote a review about it here on my blog and made a wish they would 
bring Schoolism Live to Montreal. Well, last weekend that wish was fulfilled 
and in more ways that I expected.

Bobby Chiu's Schoolism was in Montreal for a live event with a lineup 
of teachers that I consider my heroes:) DiceTsutsumi and Robert Kondo 
are artists I've been looking up to for a while and I really appreciate 
their work. I was sold already for the workshop! Plus, I really enjoyed 
discovering Nathan Fowkes, an amazing and funny artist. Needless 
to say that this event was very inspiring!

I am taking this opportunity to thank Bobby for doing such great 
events. It has been a great success here in Montreal. If a Schoolism 
Live Workshop happens in a city near you, take my advice: do 
what you can to attend! Schoolism Live is definitely an event 
worth traveling for :D

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