Environnent design

This fall I took another CGMA Class. I liked so much the previous 
classes I took with Steven MacLeod (Storyboarding for Animation) 
and Ryan Lang/Mingjue Helen Chen (The Art of Color and Light) 
that I decided to take one more.

This time I took the EnvironmentSketching for Production with 
Armand Serrano. Like all the previous teachers I had at CGMA, 
Serrano is one of the most talented artists inspiring me right now. 
The class was an absolute challenge and I enjoyed every week’s 
assignment. I am posting here a few artworks I created during this 

And guys: Armand is taking some time off teaching his class and 
he is currently replaced by another super great artist that I love and 
admire so much, John Nevarez. Don’t miss this opportunity! :)

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