... set designs

I showed a few artwork from the teaser production at
TAAFI on saturday presentation. These are from how
I did my set designs.


Hi guys, so happy to share this animation from PH and I.  Last 
weekend at TAAFI, we presented the teaser for our short film! 


You might have seen this already on social media, but some 
news are fun to read on my blog ! :)

"Oh chhhat!" ;)


Environnent design

This fall I took another CGMA Class. I liked so much the previous 
classes I took with Steven MacLeod (Storyboarding for Animation) 
and Ryan Lang/Mingjue Helen Chen (The Art of Color and Light) 
that I decided to take one more.

This time I took the EnvironmentSketching for Production with 
Armand Serrano. Like all the previous teachers I had at CGMA, 
Serrano is one of the most talented artists inspiring me right now. 
The class was an absolute challenge and I enjoyed every week’s 
assignment. I am posting here a few artworks I created during this 

And guys: Armand is taking some time off teaching his class and 
he is currently replaced by another super great artist that I love and 
admire so much, John Nevarez. Don’t miss this opportunity! :)


Schoolism Live Montreal

Dice, Robert and Nathan

Back in 2012, I traveled to Toronto to attend Alex Woo and Louis Gonzales 
Schoolism Live workshop. I remember being so inspired by the event that 
I wrote a review about it here on my blog and made a wish they would 
bring Schoolism Live to Montreal. Well, last weekend that wish was fulfilled 
and in more ways that I expected.

Bobby Chiu's Schoolism was in Montreal for a live event with a lineup 
of teachers that I consider my heroes:) DiceTsutsumi and Robert Kondo 
are artists I've been looking up to for a while and I really appreciate 
their work. I was sold already for the workshop! Plus, I really enjoyed 
discovering Nathan Fowkes, an amazing and funny artist. Needless 
to say that this event was very inspiring!

I am taking this opportunity to thank Bobby for doing such great 
events. It has been a great success here in Montreal. If a Schoolism 
Live Workshop happens in a city near you, take my advice: do 
what you can to attend! Schoolism Live is definitely an event 
worth traveling for :D


Defi Brise-Glace

On sunday I went to a local Surfski race event. I felt 
the water was way too cold for me to join them. 



Here's what I've been up to lately. I took Ryan Lang's color class 
at CGMA with Helen Chen! This class was super fun!
Here are the paintings I did:D


A Pumpkin Patch Story...

Autumn is my favorite season and picking our pumpkin at the patch 
is something we never miss...

A Pumpkin Patch story!

Few weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch...

MAC: " Dad, I found a pumpkin!"

"Great, but let's not settle for the first one we find. Let's
see if we can find one that big!!!"

"Mac! This is a big one don't you think?"

"I think it could make a nice jack o lantern."

MAC: "Wow! Let's see if there's one bigger!!"

MAC: "OH I found one!!

"Awesome! Let's go get it!!!"

MARY: "You guys don't need a big pumpkin! Ben.. you know
he's gonna be happy with a small one!!"

"Bah! Never mind we already found a giant one!!"


MAC: "DAD!!"

MAC: "Is the pumpkin smashed, dad?"

MAC: " MOM!!! Dad smashed our pumpkin!!! 

MAC: "Now we'll never find a bigger one!!!"

MAC: "He did this on purpose!!!

MARY: "Don't say that! Your dad was way too excited, that's
all! But while you guys were running around the patch..."

MARY: "I picked a pumpkin for you! "

MAC: "Oh I Looooove it!!!"

" Sorry Mac! Wanna go see if we can find another awesome 

MAC: "NO!! LOOK! Mom found one already!"

MAC: "Mom? Do you think dad likes my cute little pumpkin too?

MARY: "Oh I am sure he'll like the decorations I bought 
to go with it... trust me!